FAA Clears Drones for Takeoff at Bergen – January 26, 2016

I’m so pleased to finally be posting this. A goal set over two years ago has been achieved.

Odd thing is that now I view it as a hurdle cleared – on to the next challenge!


Screenshot 2016-01-27 20.09.50


National Public Radio Science Friday – Tips and Hacks for Navigating Recreational Drones – July 24, 2015

I’ve listened to Science Friday, with Ira Flatow, for many years. Its become a pleasant TGIF reminder, not to mention informative and fun. So it was with great pleasure that I got to train Ira earlier in the week with a Phantom 3 in their Midtown Manhattan office and later appeared live on-air to discuss his impressions and talk further about the growth of the drone market, their uses in education, and other drone related topics.

Screenshot 2015-07-25 18.48.25

Bergen Community College Construction – Aerial Timelapse – February 4, 2015

Clicking on the images will take you to a Dropbox link. For best quality viewing, best to download and play locally as Dropbox streaming isn’t great…Screenshot 2015-02-04 15.40.03

STEM Students built and programmed a 400mm quadcopter equipped with a 3DR Pixhawk and a GoPro3+ and 2 axis camera gimbal. Flights, up until January 8, 2015 were on a weekly basis using preset, saved GPS Waypoint navigation course via use of Mission Planner open source software.

This edit is a proof of concept that given enough data, ie. many more weeks of construction, Students will be able to edit together a timelapse video with an aerial camera in motion.

I’m really proud of the students involved in this, and all the other STEM projects underway. I find them to be an inspiration in their energy, ingenuity, and spirit.

Bergen Community College – Studio Bergen – January 7, 2015

Bergen Community College – Studio Bergen Screenshot 2015-01-26 13.38.06

I’m very fortunate and proud to be given the opportunity to mentor and lead a team of STEM students at Bergen Community College. The work they do together is inspiring, they have created a diverse and welcoming community for students of any discipline to get involved.

NPR Weekend Edition

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for NPR’s Weekend Morning Edition this past summer. It was a great experience for our STEM Student Union Interns to demonstrate the work we’ve been doing at Bergen Community College. Exciting for them to hear their voices on the radio and to see their names in print(?), in digits(?) – online!

It’s been a learning process for me in working with the media and keeping my message succinct while maintaining the flow of the interview. I’ve found that the unguarded or offhand comment is usually what ends up in the story – and by the way – I did not coin the term “dronie”!

NPR Weekend Edition

Screenshot 2014-11-30 19.01.28