CNN International – New Rules For Using Drones – Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New rules for using dronesScreenshot 2015-02-20 14.13.57

Scrub to 2:36 for my interview, worth watching from the top though.

I liken Amazon’s goal of delivering packages as the commercial UAS Industry equivalent of the Moon missions of the 60’s. Without that far reach, innovation will not be moved forward at the pace necessary to innovate.

I’d like to see the FAA grant Amazon access to testing space or, better yet permit them to test at their facilities in the US. Pardon the pun but this is all “pie in the sky” unless industry is permitted to use the NAS in very proscribed ways.


CNN Legal View – February 16, 2015

CNN Legal View – February 16, 2015Screenshot 2015-02-16 16.33.09

More discussion regarding the FAA NPRM released yesterday. Some good questions posed here regarding Amazon’s Prime Air Service plans.

Bergen Community College – Studio Bergen – January 7, 2015

Bergen Community College – Studio Bergen Screenshot 2015-01-26 13.38.06

I’m very fortunate and proud to be given the opportunity to mentor and lead a team of STEM students at Bergen Community College. The work they do together is inspiring, they have created a diverse and welcoming community for students of any discipline to get involved.

Washington Post – January 26, 2015

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This story running in the Washington Post is in response to a hobby scale quadcopter landing on the grounds of the White House. I’m quoted about 2/3 into the story.

While this incident is likely to cause legislators to tap the brakes on UAS integration, the fact is that ship has sailed. The technology is easily accessible, and relatively reliable at the hobbyist level. The operator that performed this stunt, at 3:00a no less, is in violation of many laws and should be prosecuted in my opinion.

Hopefully the GoPro camera onboard captured some pre-flight images of him or her about to be very stupid.

Scientific American August 29, 2014 – Are Personal Drones a Public Hazard?

Are Personal Drones a Public Hazard?Scientific American

To reiterate from my prior posting – I’m in the process of consolidating pre-blog media in one repository. Please bear with me as the time-line jumps around.

I had higher hopes for the content of this story – a deeper dive would have been nice given the audience but there’s clickbait of all kinds I suppose.

Nevertheless, get past the hyperbole and there are some good points made here.