Caucus NJ with Steve Adubato – April 13, 2016

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via Applied Technology HS Exposes Students to Robotics


NYC Drone Film Festival Legal and Policy Panel

Honored to take part in this panel and grateful to my fellow participants for their input and valuable informationnycdff.PNGNYC Drone Film Festival Legal and Policy Panel Discussion

Me and Mr. Cheng with the Phantom 3 – April 6, 2015

The New DJI Phantom 3Screenshot 2015-04-08 15.58.00

I had the distinct pleasure on Monday to spend the day with DJI’s Director of Aerial Imaging, Eric Cheng. With their new product debut a couple of days away, I was tasked with sourcing a private flying locale and aiding in press demos.

Eric is shown above piloting the new Phantom 3 – click on the image to see our very special “dronie”

Below, Eric is speaking with Alex Fitzpatrick of Time Inc. about the new features of the Phantom 3 and below that a screengrab of the aerial “etch a sketch” feature of the new DJI Pilot Tablet App. Just kidding – the Phantom will trace its route in an inset window that you can enlarge to show its flight path. Eric skillfully flew the Phantom 3 to spell the word “Time” for Alex.

IMG_1669-1 IMG_1806

What an impressive piece of equipment. You’ll no doubt read much more extensive reviews so I will boil it down to the most salient features:

4S Battery with more powerful motors makes this the fastest and most responsive Phantom yet. The enhanced GPS capability makes GPS lock very fast and very stable. I mean like you are parked in the air stable. In the wind. No drift at all.

Borrowing many features from the Inspire 1 such as built in Lightbridge technology, bottom facing sonar for super stable flight without GPS, and sonar based landing assistance with absolutely no ground effect perceived at hover inches above the ground.

Price points are as incredible as the performance – the Phantom 3 Professional has a 4K video camera and captures high quality stills in DNG Raw format – priced at US$1259.00. The Advanced version has a camera capable of 1080p 60fps and the same quality stills at US$999.00. Both use an aspherical fixed focal length lens that boasts distortion free imagery, it will live stream to YouTube, log flights, and features Director- an automatic video editing system based on moments you mark in real time.

The democratization of the skies continues as operating one has never been easier. This copter is stable, fast, and fun!

Thanks so much to Eric and DJI for giving me the opportunity to see it in action (and fly it like I stole it!) and to provide support in the NYC area leading up to the product launch.

MRY – Most agencies have zero drones; MRY has many drones.

Screenshot 2015-03-03 22.35.59

Who got to fly all those drones!? (cut to Steve Cohen, proudly raising hand)

Thanks to all at MRY, Director/Co-Pilot,Randy Slavin and his crew for making this one of the most fun days I’ve had on set.

This runs at the New York City Drone Film Festival. MRY is a big sponsor of the event.

Bergen Community College – Studio Bergen – January 7, 2015

Bergen Community College – Studio Bergen Screenshot 2015-01-26 13.38.06

I’m very fortunate and proud to be given the opportunity to mentor and lead a team of STEM students at Bergen Community College. The work they do together is inspiring, they have created a diverse and welcoming community for students of any discipline to get involved.

On Set – CBS TV Elementary – April 1, 2014

On Set – CBS TV Elementary – April 1, 2014Screenshot 2015-01-25 16.53.53

Continuing to post from earlier drone related work…

This was a fun opportunity to collaborate with an episodic television production. I was approached by the show’s producers to provide and operate a non-branded drone capable of lifting a small package and a safe location at which to fly at low altitudes with a small crew.

The video shot was used as a pseudo-promotional video for a startup drone company the modern-day Holmes and Watson were investigating.

It was a lot of work, but I did get to rock the coveralls and safety helmet (that’s me in the center of the flatscreen) check out the production facility at Silvercup in Long Island City, and appear on screen with Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller.