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Bergen Community College Construction – Aerial Timelapse – February 4, 2015

Clicking on the images will take you to a Dropbox link. For best quality viewing, best to download and play locally as Dropbox streaming isn’t great…Screenshot 2015-02-04 15.40.03

STEM Students built and programmed a 400mm quadcopter equipped with a 3DR Pixhawk and a GoPro3+ and 2 axis camera gimbal. Flights, up until January 8, 2015 were on a weekly basis using preset, saved GPS Waypoint navigation course via use of Mission Planner open source software.

This edit is a proof of concept that given enough data, ie. many more weeks of construction, Students will be able to edit together a timelapse video with an aerial camera in motion.

I’m really proud of the students involved in this, and all the other STEM projects underway. I find them to be an inspiration in their energy, ingenuity, and spirit.