Author: Steven Cohen

UAS Consultant and Educator, Photographer, and Filmmaker. Leader of DUGNetwork (Drone User Group Network).

Drone User Group Network Fundraising Campaign

The Drone User Group Network or “DUG” was founded over 4 years ago. Since that time, our network has grown in ways we could not have imagined. Our members are diverse and varied in both demographic and approach to their use of drones and related technologies. We are proud to be the first organization formed to benefit and advocate for civilian drone use and continue to do so. We exist to support and speak on behalf of the interests and needs of our diverse network and have succeeded by maintaining our integrity and transparency in our endeavors.
Nationally we have run events and programming to highlight positive drone uses in many different areas of industry and education. We have been recognized by leadership in government, science organizations, and federal and local legislators for our work in providing drone-based programming in ways that have opened doors and minds.
UAS technology has never been more widely accessible to the public. With this meteoric growth of adoption come challenges to our very limited resources. Money, time, bandwidth, all kinds of commodities are stretched and after much thought, consideration, and consultation, we have decided to seek funding for our growing organization in the form of donations.
We need to continue to be present to push back against unreasonable legislation on both regional and national levels and to represent the value that drones provide our society.
We intend to work side by side with parallel organizations like the AMA, EAA, AOPA, and others to provide the voice and representation of all Drone/UAS users best interests.
Our immediate goals are to establish The DUG Network as an official Community Based Organization or CBO not-for-profit entity with dues paying membership throughout the US. We will form an executive board and take on an advisory committee as we progress through this process. We would then seek to hire several part-time employees to assist with managerial, financial, and marketing duties with the goal being to establish full time positions within The DUG as it becomes fiscally responsible to do so.
This is where you come in.
We need to raise US$3000.00 in order to file our business entity and establish commercial banking with a minimum balance requirement. I’ve set up a paypal acct solely for this purpose and hope you will donate to The DUG Network.
Please click the link to donate:…
No amount is too small.
Thank you for support now and in the future.
Steven Cohen, President
Chris Vo, Vice President
The Drone User Group Network – DUG

National Public Radio Science Friday – Tips and Hacks for Navigating Recreational Drones – July 24, 2015

I’ve listened to Science Friday, with Ira Flatow, for many years. Its become a pleasant TGIF reminder, not to mention informative and fun. So it was with great pleasure that I got to train Ira earlier in the week with a Phantom 3 in their Midtown Manhattan office and later appeared live on-air to discuss his impressions and talk further about the growth of the drone market, their uses in education, and other drone related topics.

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Blog Talk Radio – The drones are coming part 2 June 23, 2015

Scrub to 8:43 to listen to my segment.

In light of proposed legislation in NJ and other states, I make a clear case as to why the proposed legislation is over-reaching and unnecessary.


Forbes – Nevermind Apple Watch, Here Come The Drones – May 6, 2015

Steve Cohen, president of the NYC Drone User Group, discusses the future of drones for hobbyists and the commercial sector.

This video manages to encapsulate what the Drone User Group Network is all about.

I met with the Forbes team back in November, glad to see this segment be presented – I’m grateful for their relevant and rational questions, and for telling a story without hype and hyperbole.